On the island, where the wind switches from Northern to Southern and Zephyr gives its place to North-westerly winds (meltemia) in summer, the sea- sport enthusiasts find their Paradise on Earth.
Andros is the real Surfworld for both advanced and novice in windsurfing.

Taking advantage of the strong winds and sea currents, Andros has developed a wealth of amenities and services all around the world of the board.

Spots for jumping, places for wave style or flat for speed urge experienced surfers to trim their sails and get started.
On the other hand, various sailing enterprises, associations and clubs offer tuition and equipment available for rent to the novice of all ages as well as the necessary modern accessories for professionals.
It is no coincidence that, some well-known world champions have at times chosen Andros waters to train and in the past the World Windsurf Championship took place in Korthio Bay.

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